Rebeca Méndez

LA METRO Mural, Circumsolar, Migration 4 (2018)


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While Angelenos spend their lives in fortunate climes, the arctic tern— the world champion in long-distance migration of the animal kingdom— is occupied with its annual ‘commute’ from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again, flying over a 50,000 miles, always heading towards the 24-hour light of the polar summer, making it the creature that lives the most daylight of all living beings. Titled CircumSolar, Migration 4, Rebeca Méndez’s mosaic mural concept on the smaller wall depicts the view, as seen from her camera lens, of her panning the skies in search of the arctic tern, catching a glimpse of the bird’s swift wing, backlit by the arctic summer sunrays. CircumSolar, Migration 4 is an ode to the resilience, grace and determination of the more than five billion birds that, in pursuit of sustenance, migrate across our planet every spring and autumn, guided by the sun.

CircumSolar, Migration 4, 2016–18. 16 × 14.5 feet. Smalti Mosaic. Fabrication in
progress for LA METRO.

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