Rebeca Méndez

Never Happened Again, Glaciers 2 (2014)


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Never Happened Again is an ongoing series of single-channel video projection works shot with a Bolex Reflex 16mm film camera in Iceland and Los Angeles. Méndez’s interests in issues of perception expand into the perception of light by the apparatus— in this case, her 54-year old hand-cranked Bolex—and that of the film stock. Through this mechanism ‘chance’ is introduced into the making of the image, resulting in radiant chroma floods intensified by the irregular flickering of the frames, set against a subject matter of a mundane nature—a grass field in a park, an urban Eucalyptus tree, a field of cotton flowers where sheep grace, or a glacier. “The work involves multiplication through the recombination of derivatives, that, in being combined, deoriginate that from which they derive. What leads one to video here, however, is an idea less of flow than of intensities, which is to say of transmission rather than embodiment.” Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Beauty and the Contemporary Sublime.

Never Happened Again, Glaciers 2, 2012. Single channel video captured with an Aaton Minima 16mm film camera at Monacobreen, Svalbard Archipelago in the High Arctic. Duration: 8 minutes, 48 seconds. Dimensions: Variable, architectural scale.

Selected Exhibitions:
55th Venice Biennale, Maldives Pavilion, Pirate Cinema, Venice, Italy. (group)
C.O.L.A. 2013 Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California. (group). 2013.
Each Day at Noon: Rebeca Méndez, Hammer Museum, Café Hammer, Los Angeles, California. (solo). 2012.

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