Rebeca Méndez

Tree by Tree, from Sea to Mountains, 2008. (2008)


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Tree by Tree, from Sea to Mountains, 2008. Permanent Public Art Installation for the Registrar Recorder/County Clerk, Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles County, CA. 15×132 feet. Large scale inkjet printing onto fire retardant and biodegradable material—Bioflex.


[1] Los Angeles Architectural Award for Interiors-Civic spaces for the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Operation Center. The award sponsored by the Los Angeles Business Council acknowledges that design and architecture play a critical role in the development of cities by creating environments that attract economic development and growth.

[2] The Southern California Development Forum (SCDF) awarded the Registrar Recorder / County Clerk Elections Operations Center it’s Interiors Award

[3] Honor Award, Environments Category, Annual Design Review I.D. Magazine 2009

[4] Honorable Mention for Design Excellence, Architect Magazine 2009

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