Rebeca Méndez

REALSPACE (2014-10-05 – 2015-01-19)


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CircumSolar, Migration 3 will be exhibited at REALSPACE, October 3, 2014 – January 18, 2015. REALSPACE is an exhibition at the Williamson Gallery, Pasadena. The Williamson Gallery is a participant in AxS 2014: Pasadena Festival of Art & Science.

The term “REALSPACE” in this exhibition refers to the world as it exists without embellishments from human mythologies, lore, and orthodoxies of belief. Objects in the exhibition explore aspects of astronomy, space exploration, zoology, physics, origins of life, history, and the beauty of knowledge. Contemporary artists include myself, Jennifer Steinkamp, Dan Goods, James Griffith, Robert Root-Bernstein, plus others. Science artifacts include imagery from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, plant specimens, DNA data imagery, and historical science literature and video. CircumSolar, Migration 3 by Rebeca Méndez was shot at Latrabjarg, the most western point of Europe, showing auks, kittiwakes, guillemots and puffins in flight over the Greenland Sea.

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