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Solo Shows

Selected Exhibition History


Selected Exhibition History 1992–2014

Muziekgebouw / Rebeca Méndez at TrouwAmsterdam


CircumSolar, Migration 1 will be exhibited at TrouwAmsterdam, May 20–June 1, 2014. The exhibition at Trouw represents the first time this work is shown accompanied by an exclusive composition by Ben Frost, who in the evening on May 20th will be performing his new album A U R O R A, for which Méndez designed the album cover.

Pico Rivera Public Library Inauguration


Inauguration event for the Pico Rivera Public Library, for which Rebeca created the commissioned artworks CircumSolar, Migration 2 and Observation Post 1.

Anywhere: Selected Works by Rebeca Méndez


The solo exhibition includes photographs captured during Méndez’s travels to Iceland, a place she frequents for its unusual geological and climate phenomena. May 4–June 24, 2013. Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery. Curated by Marc Pally, artistic director, Glow. Artist Reception: May 22, 2013, 6:30–7:30, Terrace Lounge. Artist Presentation
Everywhere: Recent Projects by Rebeca Méndez. May 22, 2013, 7:30–8:30, Garden Terrace Room

‘Rebeca Méndez: At Any Given Moment’ Solo Exhibition at The Nevada Museum of Art


The Nevada Museum of Art presents a video/mixed media installation by artist and designer Rebeca Méndez. September 1, 2012 through January 20, 2013. Curated by JoAnne Northrup. Méndez gives a workshop and lecture at the Museum on Novermber 17, 2012.

Hammer Museum


Seven single channel video artworks in exhibition at the Hammer Café from April 24 – May 30, 2012. Curated by Elizabeth Cline, Curatorial Associate of Public Engagement. Works in the exhibition: Nothing Further Happens, At Any Given Moment, Fall 1, At Any Given Moment, Grass 1, At Any Given Moment, Grass 2, Never Happened Again, Eucalyptus, Never Happened Again, Karahnjukar, and Never Happened Again, Glaciers.

Japanese American Museum


At Any Given Moment, Fall 1, single channel video projection, in exhibition in the atrium of the Japanese American Museum, Los Angeles, California, in conjunction with The Future of Water in Southern California Summit, hosted by UCLA, Luskin Center for Innovation. Curated by Teresa Lara. On view for one night only, Friday, January 27, from 5:30 to 8 pm.

Rebeca Méndez List of Selected Exhibitions, Collections Honors and Awards


Rebeca Méndez Solo Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oaxaca


Exhibition Dates: July 15 – October 03, 2011. Curated by Jorge Contreras, Director, MACO. Opening Reception: August 05, 2011. Works in exhibition: Nothing Further Happens, 2011; Never Happened Again, Karahnjukar, 2010; “At Any Given Moment, Fall 1”::/works/show/55, 2009.

Rebeca Méndez Solo Exhibition at the Broad Arts Center, Los Angeles, 2010


The solo exhibition consists of works from two artwork series, About to Happen, 2006 and Homeland #3, 2006. Curated by Barbara Drucker, Associate Dean, UCLA, School of Arts and Architecture.

Rebeca Mendez in solo exhibition at Environment Furniture


Opening reception: March 5, 7–9:30. At Any Given Moment, Grass, a permanent video art installation by Rebeca Méndez has been acquired by Environment Furniture and is on view 16 hours a day, 7 days a week at their new showroom on Beverly Boulevard in West Los Angeles. 8126 Beverly Boulevard (Corner of Kilkea Avenue) Los Angeles, CA 90048 T 323.782.0296 F 323.782.0989. Open to the public

Each Day at Noon


Solo exhibition at ANDLAB/ART, The Brewery, Los Angeles, featuring works from Méndez’s ‘Homeland 3’ and About to Happen series. Exhibition dates: October 7 – December 12, 2006.

Rebeca Méndez: Iridescent


Rebeca Méndez: Iridescent. 01.24 – 03.2004. Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, CA. Curator, Zoran Belic.

reasonsense®: Recent Works by Rebeca Méndez


reasonsense®: Recent Works by Rebeca Méndez 04.07 – 06.11, 1999. Gallery 1220, UCLA, AUD, Los Angeles, California. Curator: Anne Marie Burke.

Rebeca Méndez: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Architecture and Design


Rebeca Méndez: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Architecture and Design 07.17 – 10.20, 1998. SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), San Francisco, California. Curator: Aaron Betsky.

Rebeca Méndez: Mediated Eros


Rebeca Méndez: Mediated Eros 04.06 – 05.02, 1997, Brandstater Gallery, La Sierra University, Riverside, California. Curator: Richard McMillan.

Group Shows



REALSPACE. Group exhibition. Williamson Gallery, Pasadena, California. October 3, 2014–January 18, 2015. Curated by Stephen Nowlin. Work exhibited: CircumSolar, Migration 3, 2013. Single channel video projected at architectural scale, color, sound by Drew Schnurr; 11 × 22 feet, 17:46 minutes.

55th Venice Biennale


55th Venice Biennale. Group exhibition. Maldives Pavilion, Pirate Cinema. May 29 – June 09, 2013. Venice, Italy. Curated by Ehsan Fardjadniya and Miriam de Rosa. Work exhibited: Never Happened Again, Glaciers 2, 2012.

Due North / í nor∂ur


CircumSolar, Migration 1 will be exhibited at Due North / í Nor∂ur, January 9 – 25, 2014. Due North is an international collaboration envisioned by artist-curator Marianne BernsteinIn January 2014, the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia (one of the largest independent exhibition venues in the city) was transformed into a winterscape featuring video and prints created by a selected group of international artists.

Glow Arts Event 2013


CircumSolar, Migration 1, will be exhibited at Glow, September 28, 2013, 7pm–3am. Glow is an all-night arts event in Santa Monica beach. Rebeca is the first artist-in-residence of Glow. The work is a 30-minute video projection onto a 25-feet diameter screen, raised above the sand on a circular truss.

C.O.L.A. Individual Artist Fellowship Exhibition


May 19–July 7, 2013. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Opening reception: Sunday, May 19, 2–5. May 19–July 7, 2013. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Opening reception: Sunday, May 19, 2–5. The seven large-scale photographs and three single-channel video projections in the exhibition focus on her most recent project ‘Circum/bi/polar’ and were captured during Méndez’s arctic expedition in 2010 to the Spitsbergen island in the Svalbard archipelago.

Rebeca Méndez in PAGES exhibition at the Williamson Gallery


Rebeca Méndez in PAGES, which is a non-linear exhibition probing the terrain of the page, revealing its poetics and its polemics, and celebrating its seminal role in the progression of culture and knowledge over time. The exhibition draws upon jewels, surprises, and provocations from the domains of art, science, literature, and history. Curated by Stephen Nowlin. Opening: October 12, 6 to 10 pm.

José Drudis-Biada Gallery


Rebeca Méndez in ‘So Close And Yet So Far’ group exhibition at José Drudis-Biada Gallery, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Los Angeles, California. February 7 – March 24, 2012. Public reception: Sunday 19, 3 – 5 p.m. Curated by Irina Costache. Works in the exhibition: Nothing Further Happens, 2011, Quagmire, 2011, Weatherscape 01, 2008, Weatherscape 15, 2008, and Circumpolar Map #1, 2012.



Rebeca Méndez in ‘WORLDS’, a scientists and artists group exhibition at Alyce de Roulette Williamson Gallery. Curated by Stephen Nowlin. October 14, 2011–January 15, 2012. Opening Reception: Thursday, October 13, 2011. 8:00PM, Art Center Ahmanson Auditorium: Mike Brown, astronomer, author, Killer Pluto; ‘Worlds of Fire, Worlds of Water’. 9:00PM: Wine reception, Williamson Gallery Art Center College of Design, North Hill Campus. 1700 Lida St, Pasadena, CA 91103. Work in the exhibition: Quagmire

17th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE)


Rebeca was invited to participate in the 17th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition by professor and CIIPE co-director John Gravadahl. The 17th CIIPE hosted by the Department of Art in the School of the Arts at Colorado State University features works of top poster artists and designers worldwide. Now in its 32nd year, the biennial event is the only exhibition of its kind in the United States. The main exhibition will open September 16 and run through October 13 with the display divided between the Clara Hatton Gallery in the Visual Arts Building and the Curfman Gallery in the Lory Student Center. Both venues are on the main CSU campus. Rebeca’s entry Circumpolar #1 received the 1st prize.

Getting Upper, Group exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art


Getting Upper Group exhibition. May 15–September 4, 2011. The exhibition shows a collection of 26 silkscreen prints of an experimental alphabet printed at Bloom Press in Oakland and will be exhibited at the Pasadena Museum of California Art Curator: Amos Klausner. The 26 artists include Lisa Anne Auerbach, Katie Hanburger, Gail Swanlund, and Michael Worthington. Méndez’s artwork for the letter ‘R’ is titled: … … R … R R, 2011. See Imprint Review

Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition ‘ENERGY’ at the Alyce Williamson Gallery


Stephen Nowlin, Director of the Alyce Williamson Gallery in Pasadena has curated two of Méndez’s video art installations — At Any Given Moment, Fall 1 and At Any Given Moment, Grass 2. Exhibition dates: October 7, 2010 through January 15, 2011.

OVER THERE, Group Exhibition at Mishelle Moross Gallery (Muzeumm), 2010


Group Exhibition curated by Trevor Norris at Mishelle Moross Gallery (Muzeumm), Los Angeles. Artists Opening: May 15, 2010, 7 to 10 pm. Rebeca’s work in the exhibition: There Is No There, 2009; Weatherscape #15-L, 2008; and Mediated Eros: Degrees of Difference, 1996. Other artists in the exhibition: Jeff Cain, Cherie Benner Davis, Robbert Flick, Eraldo Mauro, Danny Shain, Christian Tedeschi, and Ruth Weisberg.

SHFT: Group Exhibition at the SHFT Pop Up Gallery, DownTown LA


Curated by Edie Kahula Pereira for SHFT at The Continental Gallery. 408 S. Spring St. Downtown L.A. May 13–May 28, 2010. Opening: May 15, 6 –10 pm. Méndez’s work in the exhibition: Homeland #3, Series, 2006. Other Artists in the exhibition: Lauren Bon, Ramon Coronado, Elkpen, Balazs Gardi, Tierney Gearon, Jamie Harley, Jay Mark Johnson, Alia Malley, Yassi Mazandi, Luigia Martelloni, Andrew McConnell, Sam Moyer, Rebecca Miederlander, Jeff Nisbet, Dylan Palmer, Louie Rigano, Deb Ris, Keri Rosebraugh, Daihei Shibata, Sean Vicary, Anais Wade and Liz Young. LA Times

Rebeca’s video artwork in exhibition at ARCO Madrid


Rebeca’s video artwork At Any Given Moment: Rivers and Fall has been curated by Los Angeles based art critic and curator Paul Young in ARCO Madrid: 29th International Contemporary Art Fair, 2010 / Panorama: Los Angeles / Cinema LOOP. The piece is a single-channel video and will be in exhibition from February 17 – 21. Méndez is represented by LM Projects for ARCO Madrid.

Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition MELTING POINT at “El Camino College Art Gallery.


Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition MELTING POINT at El Camino College Art Gallery. Exhibition Dates: November 23 – December 18. Artists Reception: Tuesday, December 1, 7–9 p.m. Curated by Susanna Meiers. Rebeca’s photographic work in the exhibition: Weatherscape #15 and Weatherscape #01, 2008. Read about the Weatherscapes series and see other photographs of the series here.

Rebeca’s ‘At Any Given Moment’ artwork series in parallel exhibition at the X Biennial of Art, Cuenca, Ecuador.


X Biennial: Parallel Exhibition: Intersections: Memory, Reality and New Eras. October 22 – December 4, 2009. Cuenca, Ecuador.

Rebeca’s video art installations in the exhibition are: At Any Given Moment, Grass and At Any Given Moment, Rivers and Fall.

Rebeca Méndez artwork ‘At Any Given Moment, River’ in exhibition at Minotti, Los Angeles


At Any Given Moment, River and Fall is a video art installation consisting of three recent works from Méndez’s ongoing series At Any Given Moment. The three works on view are At Any Given Moment, River #1; At Any Given Moment, River #2; and At Any Given Moment, Fall #1. On view from June 18–July 4, 2009 at MINOTTI, 8936 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

These works explore issues of perception, specifically our relationship to technologically mediated nature. In At Any Given Moment, River and Fall, the repetitive rhythm, tight cropping, and large-scale image emphasize the work’s particular organizational logic in time and space.

Rebeca Méndez in ‘Memory of the L.A. Billboard: Telepolis in the Archetype’


Koplin Del Rio Gallery is pleased to present ‘Memory of the L.A. Billboard: Telepolis in the Archetype.’ Exhibition Dates: May 30-July 3, 2009. Reception for Artists: Saturday May 30, 6pm-8:00pm. Open to the public. Koplin Del Rio Gallery, 6031 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232. Méndez’s work in the exhibition: There Is No There, a visual and verbal loop, structured as a triptych to emphasize the organizational logic of both the photograph and of language. The work attempts to affirm the existence of something and, at the same time, to negate its position in time and space. It focuses on issues of ambiguity and indetermination.Triptych. Each panel: 20h x 13.33w. Archival inkjet print, plexiglass, white silkscreen ink.

Rebeca Méndez in ‘Hybrids’ group show at Black Gate Space, Los Angeles


‘Hybrids’ is an art and dance event to benefit the Silver Lake History Collective. Silver Lake artist Peter Liashkov will be exhibiting his collaborative efforts with 12 artists from the LA area in a one day event at the Black Gate Space 1052 Manzanita Street, Los Angeles, California CA 90029 (Sunset Junction) followed by a Tango Milonga from 6-8pm. Artists in the exhibition are Oksana Badrak, Craig Havens, Richard Houston, Nancy Kyes, Peter Liashkov, Lino Martinez, Rebeca Méndez, Ramon Muñoz, Trevor Norris, Pierre Picot, Francesco Siqueiros, and Michael Walker.

Rebeca Méndez’s art work in the exhibition is Recurrence Relation #1, and two mixed media works in collaboration with artist Peter Liashkov.

Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition ‘Scalable Relations.’


Méndez in group exhibition ‘Scalable Relations’ at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, at UC Irvine. Curated by Christiane Paul, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art. ‘Scalable Relations’ is an exhibition by faculty members of the University of California Digital Arts Research Network ( UCDARnet ). The exhibition brings together works that explore digital media’s capability of representing a growing amount of data in constantly evolving relations. Addressing a range of issues—from the construction of visual worlds to self-representation and socio-cultural and political issues—the projects in ‘Scalable Relations’ illustrate the complexities and shifting contexts of today’s information society. See Project Here

UCLA ART|SCI Center exhibition and sympossium: Body, Art and Disease


Stefanie Adcock, assistant director of the UCLA ART|SCI Center at UCLA curated three installation photographs of Gestation, 1994, and The Predisposed, 1995, for the ART|SCI Center symposium and group exhibition: Body, Art and Disease November 5–8, 2008. The exhibition took place at the Bermont Gallery. Artists in the exhibition: Rebeca Méndez, Silvia Rigon, and Philip Beesley.

XXX: The Power of Sex in Contemporary Design


A video installation and two print works from my ‘Mediated Eros’ series are currently in exhibition at ‘XXX: The Power of Sex in Contemporary Design,’ at the Campbell Hall Gallery, Western Oregon University. Curated by Joshua Berger of Plazm, and Sarah Dougher. ‘XXX’ is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Sex in New York City, and based on the award-winning book of the same name. The opening reception was on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007, and the show runs through March 13, 2007.

Masters of Graphic Design: UCLA Extension Catalogue Covers 1990–2007.


Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition Masters of Graphic Design: UCLA Extension Catalog Covers 1990–2007, an exhibition featuring the graphic design and illustration work of the world’s leading designers. The exhibition is presented at the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood. Catalogue published by AIGA/UCLA. Curated by Inju Sturjeon.

Haaz Gallery Preview Show, Istanbul


Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition at Haaz Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey. Exhibition dates: 11.13.06 – 01.13.07. Opening reception 11.13.06. Artwork in exhibition: “Homeland 2”, 2006.

Second Natures


Rebeca Méndez in group exhibition ‘Second Natures’ at Eli and Edythe Broad Art Center, UCLA Arts, Los Angeles, California. Méndez’s list of works in exhibition: HOMELAND 2, 2006 — Homeland 2, Peace White, Homeland 2, Low Green, Homeland 2, Guarded Blue, Homeland 2, Elevated Yellow, Homeland 2, High Orange, and Homeland 2, Severe Red.

Continuities of the Incomplete


Exhibition dates: March 8 – June 25, 2006 An Exhibition of Morphosis’ Work at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. The permanent installations I created in collaboration with Thom Mayne and Kristina Loock were included in Morphosis Retrospective Exhibition at the Pompidou Center in Paris.

2005–06 365: AIGA Year in Design 26

Traveling group exhibition with venues in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The jury’s selections are currently exhibited at the AIGA National Design Center in New York, December 14, 2005 – February 26, 2006. In addition, the show will travel to AIGA chapters, student groups and galleries throughout the country during 2006.

Catalysts! The Cultural Force of Communication Design

Catalysts! The Cultural Force of Communication Design. 09.15–11.27, 2005. Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, Portugal. Curator: Max Bruinsma, Assistant Curator: Willem van Weelden.

Belles Lettres: The Art of Typography

Belles Lettres: The Art of Typography. 10.30, 2004–04.17, 2005. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California.

The Art of Design: Selections from the SFMOMA Collection

The Art of Design: Selections from the SFMOMA Collection 04–09, 2004. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s architecture and design permanent collection.

50 Books / 50 Covers

Award Exhibition: 50 Books / 50 Covers by the American Institute of Graphic Arts The Strathmore Gallery at the AIGA, New York, New York.

The One Show

The One Show traveling group exhibition of the work selected, awarded and published by The One Club of New York’s ‘One Show,’ stopping at the Great Hall at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and the Advertising Museum in Tokyo. 2001–2002.

Women Designers in The USA, 1900–2000: Diversity and Difference

Women Designers in The USA, 1900–2000: Diversity and Difference 11.15, 2000–02.25, 2001. The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture, New York, New York. Curator: Pat Kirkham.