Rebeca Méndez


EXHIBITION: Realspace at the Williamson Gallery


CircumSolar, Migration 3 will be exhibited at REALSPACE, September 19–October 5, 2014. REALSPACE is an exhibition at the Williamson Gallery, Pasadena. The Williamson Gallery is a participant in AxS 2014: Pasadena Festival of Art & Science.

ARTIST RESIDENCY: Soma in Mexico City


In September 2014 I have been invited to attend the SOMA Artist Residency in Mexico City. I will give a public lecture on Wednesday September 10 and review artist portfolios during my stay. SOMA is an artist-run space and program to reflect on and discuss different art events in the national and international arena. SOMA’s mission is to encourage dialogue, collaboration and even confrontation between artists and cultural producers from different backgrounds and generations.

EXHIBITION: Muziekgebouw / Rebeca Méndez at TrouwAmsterdam


CircumSolar, Migration 1 will be exhibited at TrouwAmsterdam, May 20–June 1, 2014. The exhibition at Trouw represents the first time this work is shown accompanied by an exclusive composition by Ben Frost, who in the evening on May 20th will be performing his new album A U R O R A, for which Méndez designed the album cover.